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The Digital Workplace


 The move to an all digital workplace has opened up numerous improvements for client support.  The digital exchange of audio and text files has greatly expanded our options for client locations.  We no longer need to have offices near our clients in order to pick up tapes and drop off reports; all pickup and delivery is now done digitally. 


The digital workplace also allows us to recruit the best staff wherever they may be located.  We no longer are restricted to hiring medical transcriptionists near our offices.  We can hire the best candidates and allow them to pick where they work best, often in the zero-commute environment of a home office.


The digital workplace has added a new level of flexibility for when staff work and how long they work.  We can now easily expand and contract support levels to match a client’s volumes.  Our staff can easily add an hour or two when necessary to flex to client’s volumes as they change from day to day, from week to week.


The Digital Work Environment


- Manage the continuous intake of digital dictation from toll-free phone lines, digital handheld     recorders as well as PC-based dictation stations.

- Automatically assign your work to a transcriptionist best suited at the point of time based on  the transcriptionists' availability, authorization levels and familiarity with your specific support requirements.

- Route files for QA monitoring the same as routing to the transcriptionist, We can route each  file to the next available and appropriate QA Manager for review before releasing the file to your database.

      - Provide secure digital delivery to your portal for on-site editing, reprinting, digital signature,   and to set custom print and fax distribution rules.



“The key component of our digital workplace is the Dragon MT Workflow from Nuance Communications, Inc.  This digital dictation/transcription support technology allows us to work with the best staff, wherever they are located.” 



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